What is a Powertrain Warranty?

Some sensors send the computer information, which transcribes the information and sends it to output sensors. How to find the safest cars on the road. Call Us Sales Parts Services Jay Wolfe reserves the right, to revoke this offer at any time.

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Download our ballot of nominees PDF. When looking to purchase a vehicle you should review this carefully and be sure to understand all of the terms and conditions within the warranty.

Roadside Assistance: Like AutoGuide. To put it in its most basic form, a warranty is an agreement between customers and manufacturers, with the latter saying it has faith in the product it builds. Many of them are similar to, or even the same as, the federal emissions standards. Don't keep it to yourself A low gear first or second produces more force at lower speeds, i.

All too often, the powertrain gets overlooked in the purchase process. The terms of the limitations should be clearly described in any documentation you read. Please Call Why are you not seeing a value? Also, car companies typically expect you to perform regular maintenance at their factory-backed, franchised dealerships.

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Engine Transmission Driveshaft Any of the internal workings of the engine Simply put, the powertrain provides power to the car Luxury Models. In a motor vehicle, the term powertrain or powerplant refers to the group of components that generate power and deliver it to the road surface, water, or air.

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The onus is on you, the consumer, to be familiar with these documents at the time of purchase so there are no surprises later. Coverage does not include labor and installation charges. The manufacturer pays the dealer for any covered warranty work. Please enter your email address: Although the name implies that everything on the car is guaranteed, there are exclusions.

There is one located behind the transmission. Fortunately, a warranty can cover the costs to repair and replace the damaged parts.