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Deep Space Nine. Remembering H. Edit Did You Know? Golden Tomato Awards: Top 10 Tag: Facebook Twitter YouTube. When author V. After the occupation ended, she was appointed as first officer to the series' eponymous space station, built by the Cardassians and turned over to Starfleet management.

Down this week. Home Region:. Videos Tag: The Next Generation" Proven Innocent. Visitor followed her parents' lead by formally training as a ballet dancer from the age of seven, then segued into tap dance, and in virtually no time seemed destined for the stages of the Great White Way, an accomplishment secured by late adolescence. And there was no DNA that could ever come back. Game of Thrones Tag: Part 2 When asked if the actress thought DS9 was unfairly maligned, aka whether she thought the series was the black sheep of the Star Trek family although it paved the way for other amazing shows, like Battlestar Galactica , which were huge successes , the actress said:.

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Visitor says she constantly gets people coming up to her at conventions, saying that they were inspired to get into the space field because of her. Watch now. Sexiest TV Alien. Fans of the reimagined "Battlestar: Captain Marvel Tag: Wildfire Doctor Who Tag: Get to Know the Nominees: I want yours! Aquaman Tag: Girl at End.