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Related article with photos on Drummerszone: This is evident by his ever-increasing and expanding audience. We will get back to you as soon as we find out.

Nightclub Heartbreaker: Portland, Oregon collective Grails will bring their enigmatic live show to Australia for the first time. I knew exactly what I had to do from the moment I got the record. Fun times at Sweetwater We were talking about doing a show for something different — not our stuff, but something fun to do a collaboration on. Pubs open and shut every week.

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Using the urban performance space to their advantage, they project a short loop of film as stage background. I just want to be a songwriter. I decided to share some of my experience with the four major drum companies in my "drum life" across a series of videos.

Au contraire, the band have just announced an national tour to accompany the release of new single Oh Hebe, their first new material for and the first hint of what to expect from their forthcoming EP due out October.

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