How to Flow Coat

Sid 'n' knee Joined: How much to mix at a time? Extra thickness will add weight In either case once scratched the old surface will show remember this when choosing a color. We often hear of small repairs to composite hulls, but not the whole hull.

Flow coating

It's my first event of it's kind, usually stay away from "biker" events and "bikers", but this whole new scene seems worth checking into. Cellulose was my thing then but Gunnie has helped me no end into 2K application. Comment Notify me of followup comments via e-mail Name Email Website.

I am not sure what line of cut and polish I am using right now. I think when the clear is only a day or two old the next coat just bites in and pretty much melts any sanding marks and becomes one with the substrate. LinkBack URL. As I was given this boat, I'm attempting to restore it simply with little cost! As soon as you are happy with the mix pour it into a roller tray, thus increasing the surface area for heat loss.

John on May 8, at I also use a small 3" pneumatic buffer I got from Harbor freight for the buffing. I not you use HS Standox clear. Posting Rules. The Gunman on November 19, at My friend J who's helping me learn to paint, who is also a noob, just not as noob as me, says to wetsand then add another coat, a "flow coat" I've heard it called.

Here's what i'd suggest I think you'll be pleasantely suprised.

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What is the price for L of white? But thanks for all your tips and advice. I believe the yellow waffle if for the first "coarse" buff, then the white is used for the fine swirl marks, and finally the wool for polish. That thickness would be crazy.

Step by Step How to Flow Coat

I have read hear that rollers cant handle the thickness needed. That coat of paint took me forever, part of the problem seemed to be that I had to keep scrambling out from under the boat, de-kitting and rushing to the lavvy to be violently ill into it I burnt through on the tip of my fender from over zealous sanding a little hard to reach spot of orange peel, but other than that, everything went well.

Google [Bot] and 0 guests. I am sure i read somewhere about wiping the surface to be coated with styrene before hand to get more of a chemical bond.