Solar Screens vs. Window Tint – Which is Better?

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City-Data Forum Message. In fact, an automobile can run over them and they typically do not crush not that this is something you want to do where you can step on a roll formed frame and smash it. How long does it take for solar screens to pay for themselves? We only use Phifer brand screen. Southwest Sun Screens N.

A Review of Solar Screens: Pros and Cons You Should Consider

How long does it take to get a quote for solar sun screens? Will my solar screens pay for themselves? When do I pay for the solar sun screens? By the end, you can make the right decision and start saving money fast. However, you can place a window tint on the inside of your home and it will be secure.

With solar screen on your windows, it is very hard, if not impossible for people to see into your home during the daylight hours. Can I still see clearly out of the window? We only sell material manufactured by Phifer Wire Products, US the leader in screening products for 50 years.

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The darker colors are more efficient and also have the best view. Hygrade Aluminum Hygrade is the thickest aluminum in the local market. Also does it change the view looking out? Can I take solar sun screens off to clean my windows?

However, any window that gets direct sunlight through it during any time of the day should be considered the top priority. If you have a dark colored home, light colored screens look fantastic! And we will even mail the warranty card in for you! Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

Post Comment. A Review of Solar Screens: How to Clean Awning Fabric. Most of the sun's heat is absorbed or reflected by the screen and carried away by convective air currents created by the warm screen. If some of your windows don't get direct sunlight due to trees or patio covers , heat may still transfer through the glass.

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Superior Sun Solutions http: Solar screen is replaced in existing frames onsite. Windows can flood rooms with light, or they can be tempered with simple shades, structural top treatments, and cascading curtains. The warmer you keep the glass, the less convection heat you need to pay to pump through your house will be attracted to the glass areas, thus conserving energy.

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What screen will block out the most heat? How do I get a free estimate for sun screens? Claim Sale No Thank You.

Many companies will tell you for maximum energy efficiency, solar screens should protect all windows and doors. Solar screens offer privacy in the daytime; however, at night when you have lights on, people will be able to see in.

In reality, using these types of materials shortens the life of the product greatly and does not serve the customer well. You will find that the cost to install average solar screens depends upon the size and number of the screens, and the labor rate. Absolutely, solar screens will drastically reduce the chances of curtains, shutters, wood floors, carpets and furniture from fading.