List of nurses who died in World War I

Home Search Map Contribute. Their expectations were short lived. The Public Service at war - overview. The execution of members of the AANS on Bangka Island, and the subsequent internment of surviving nurses on Sumatra, has become a symbolic episode in Australian history. Bullwinkel hid her wound because she knew that, if the Japanese found out she had survived the Bangka Island Massacre of twenty-one Army nurses, she would be shot.

In March , four Scottish nurses died in Serbia of typhus. From there the wounded were taken to Alexandria on other vessels. Retrieved France [3].

Ratledge Call Number: The Bendigo-trained nurses served on land in places like France and Belgium, as well as on hospital ships, including the hospital ship the Kyarra. Australian Nurses in World War 1. Some who had been on leave from their hospitals returned to their pre-war civilian posts. I think the article somewhat underplays the dedication of the women serving with the New Zealand Volunteer Sisterhood, and the dangerous situations not just service in canteens, etc in which some of them served.

The continued exposure of the experiences of these women, their place in national memory, and the retelling in many forms, demands a more objective and nuanced analysis of the nature of Pacific internment, race and gender relations during wartime, and the role of key medical personnel during conflicts.

An Australian Army nurse was killed, and several nurses were wounded when a Japanese dive-bomber attacked the clearly marked Australian hospital ship Manunda in Darwin harbour during the first air raid on 19 February Perth, Australia [30]. The Japanese were unsympathetic to their plight and only offered the survivors a bucket of water and a bucket of rice.

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Snow fight at Brockenhurst, Melbourne , Australia [12].

Australian Army Nurses

Nurse Elsie Grey wrote: The nurses were women, professionals, and Australian nationals, whose overlapping identities created tensions and contradictions in the stories they told. It turns out using a gym towel to wipe down equipment can expose us to countless nasties left there by strangers, and facilitate the spread of bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses. As another winter loomed, the war news was improving, but a new problem was causing concern: I can supply further details on request, but I would be very interested if any readers had further information about Miss Stephens.

Then in July came the appalling evidence of mustard gas. Nugent Welch.