Eye tracking is the future of high-speed, maximum accuracy input

Why is that?

Samsung introduced a variety of interesting software features with the Galaxy S3, using them to differentiate the new phone from the competition instead of concentrating on the technical specifications. In case you don't know, Smart Stay is another of Samsung's eye-tracking technologies, one that can tell when you're looking at the screen and won't dim or put it into sleep mode as a result.

Samsung says these aesthetic touches, as well as the phone's curved plastic body, are "inspired by nature. Thank gawd — moving my Finger across the glass those couple inches was feeling too much like exercise. The Galaxy Note 4 eye tracking icon seems to be at regular time intervals and then suddenly goes away once more.

Eye Pause and Eye Scroll – new eye tracking technology coming to Galaxy S4?

Please check that the movement of the head point to the sensor. Us too. The patent application described the service as "Computer application software having a feature of sensing eye movements and scrolling displays of mobile devices, namely, mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computer according to eye movements; digital cameras; mobile telephones; smartphones; tablet computers.

It sounds dubious on the surface, but do keep in mind that the S III boasts a massive 4. For individuals who want to know what the eye icon indicates in the Galaxy Note 4 status bar, the eye symbol shows that Smart Stay is definitely activated, that is a function that can light up the actual display in the event you look at it.

It's designed to let you simply wipe your hand over the front of the phone without touching it and means you can skip tracks, move between photos and answer calls without touching the phone. Posted 3 days ago — By Andy Boxall. One new feature, Smart Stay, uses eye-tracking technology to put the phone to sleep and wake it up again as needed.

Samsung Galaxy S9. The latest Galaxy handset will run on Android 4. If you see a blue icon or blinking eye icon, gesture is not recognized. Emerging Tech SpaceX just nailed its most challenging Falcon 9 rocket landing to date If you've been following the SpaceX launch calendar, you know this week marks the first launch from Cape Canaveral in two months. The NY Times noted a Samsung filed a patent for a similar feature named Eye Scroll earlier this year, which senses eye movements and scrolls the display accordingly.

No more screen dimming in the middle of reading a long email. Email We'll respond within 24 hours of your request.

This time around it's nearly flawless at checking out when your eyes are looking at the screen, although when it does get it wrong and things begin to dim there's no way to save it despite us blinking and flashing our eyes at the display in the vain hope the S4 might recognise the effort. Please check the following points.

Eye tracking is the future of high-speed, maximum accuracy input - ExtremeTech

Yes, my password is: What a stupid gimmick. Back then the result was a little patchy, and also contributed to some dodgy auto-brightness levels.

I have little doubt then that whatever features Samsung adds to the Galaxy S4, some of them will require the phone to be watching you. For example, are you aware of the fact that the Eye Tracking icon shows up from time to time and then disappears without any notice?

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