Outlook for People with Multiple Myeloma

Patients with myeloma present to their physicians in a number of ways. Amin, X. Maintenance Therapy There have been a number of studies of continuation therapy, or maintenance. Caillot, M. Harvard Perspectives on Prostate Disease. Some exceptions to this rule exist and some physicians still feel inclined to follow hour urine measurements. Komarnicki, K. All of the men were questioned in detail about their diet, physical activity, and changes in body weight over time.

Gavino, K.

Multiple Myeloma Stages

Verdonck, and H. More facts and stats. Prostate cancer incidence and mortality in the United States by race. Plesner, T. Produced by the pancreas, insulin helps regulate blood sugar.

Caregiver support.

Multiple Myeloma: Outlook, Life Expectancy, Survival Rates

Wang, M. Patients should seriously consider these studies when they are offered. Myeloma is part of a spectrum of disorders called plasma cell dyscrasias. American Society of Hematology Education Program: These tumors can be located in the bones most common or rarely, outside the bone called extramedullary plasmacytoma.

High-dose chemotherapy with hematopoietic stem-cell rescue for multiple myeloma. Pescosta, V. Hormonal shifts may also be to blame.

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Lacy, M. Plesner, S. Blood