Top 10 ways to save on energy bills

Find out more about how that works. All of these little efforts help to conserve energy by preventing heat loss. Energy isn't free. Connecting multiple electronics to a power strip makes it easier to switch off unused devices all at once. Our services Home energy comparison Business energy comparison Boilers Energy efficiency Energy saving advice. How to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Home Install more efficient lighting Upgrade heating system controls Reduce electricity consumption of appliances Track electricity usage with an energy monitoring adaptor Install or upgrade insulation.

Make the most of it and you could do the environment a favour, too:. Sign In Join. Every October is Energy Awareness Month. Well basically some older devices such as video recorders may lose their time and date setting on the display.

During the winter, keep the curtains open. Every time you open the door, up to one-third of the cold air can escape. So how can you make a difference through energy efficiency? Login Advisor Login Newsletters. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. Or do you reach out to your local community to see if someone has one you could borrow for the afternoon? You can cut down on energy use by running the dishwasher only when full.

Looking to switch your business energy supplier? Use the economy setting if you have that option.

Alliant Kids - Saving Energy at Home

Using Incandescent Bulbs Incandescent lights consume an exorbitant amount of energy. Heat lost by opening the door causes the oven to use more energy.

Adjust the thermostat during the winter. Wondering why we should care?

10 Ways To Save Energy And Money

For the more forgetful among us, a simple phone notification can keep you up to date and breathing cleaner air. LED bulbs are the most energy efficient lighting option. In the old days everything had a power switch. Insulation relies on the principle of trapping air in a foam or mesh of fibers. This is called phantom power. So wasting energy is the same as wasting money — and we know that's not a good idea!

Most of us have a recycling bag or box, but how much recyclable stuff inadvertently goes in the black bag instead?

Top 10 ways to save on energy bills

Plug appliances, chargers, printers, games, computer equipment, and all other electronics into power strips, and turn the power strips off when not in use. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. You can also try: To learn more about the environmental impacts of energy use, as well as more general environmental information, in your area:. Wasting energy isn't good for the environment either.

A programmable thermostat lets you make the house hotter or cooler during periods when you aren't home. Basically this means that the material is used as a blocking device to prevent heat passing from one region to another.