Rarity Voice

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How to Sound Like Your Favorite Pony: 3 Steps

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My little pony, friendship is magic. Rarity [DVD] / Hasbro Studios.

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For Snod. Legend of Everfree Rarity. This multi-talented, incredibly busy mother and professional has mastered the balance between family and work, and has furthered her education with a Masters of Arts in Communication from Royal Roads University Equestria Girls — Legend of Everfree. She might not have been quite so happy if she had had eyes and could see that she was puce in hue—an unlovely colour, but she had no eyes.

Tabitha St. Germain

Various voice over files belonging to the Medic Submitted by: In recent years, the OscarsSoWhite trending hashtag campaign has shed light on the lack of diversity in the movie industry. Oliver believes that diversification is the key to success, and that with success in life there can be balance.

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