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This means that your tactics from Call Of Duty will not work. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Version 1. Crash opportunity after calling removeSimpleTask - Fixed: Flipped moon texture - The moon halo object can now be different from the sun halo object new world config parameter moonHaloObject - The light reflected by the moon has been made more realistic - Added: Damage handling on wheeled APCs - Tweaked: Save the file as secret-file.

Instructor Figure switch to Game Options - Fixed: Duplicated class names in music selection list - Added: Now the last part.

When selected, the file will disappear, they will receive a text message confirming the task has been completed and the task will be marked in green on their tasks list.

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As part of a continuous commitment to ARMA IIs dedicated fan community, Bohemia Interactive has created a series of developer diaries to be published online, starting July 1st. Swimming at water surface - Fixed: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Blinking of buoy and helipad - Fixed: Capture a towns central depot to capture the town and to buy vehicles. Jump to: Guerrilla Rifleman AT backpack load out - Fixed: Capturing bunkers enables players to buy weapons and to spawn at the bunkers should a player be killed in combat.

Humvees are good for scouting, providing light escort and performing hit and run attacks. Local or supreme warlords command and control military manpower across local tribal forces.

Arma 3 est sorti !!!

Levitating wheels on civilian trucks - Fixed: When a town is captured, friendly AI units will inhabit the town providing protection from hostile forces. If a player dies without capturing a bunker at an enemy town they will have to spawn at a base.

Can you post some screenshots of what's going on? Place this code in the 'Condition' field:. Place a trigger on the center of the plane.