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Each lens will become an eye on your mask, so take some reference pictures of Spiderman with you when you go shopping. We used both the tips about the salt and the cinnamon. Only cut three sides of the door.

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Step 3 - Finish Your Mask If your children are too young, you can help them cut out the shape from the card, as well as holes for their eyes. Now Spider-Man blinked at that. You will want them 1 inch wide and about 6- to 8- inches long. Piper frowned for a second before remembering that Spider-Man saved people everday and he did have Rhino to deal with at the time.

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It's not necessarily a bad thing, but in this line of work keeping that kind of outlook would be dangerous to everyone. Cut small slits along the edge of the trap door. Put one hand inside the mask, then hold a pair of scissors with your other hand. Decide what you want to use to make the legs for your spider. Creepy Halloween Paper Mache Mask. Attach a 24 inch piece of string to the body at this time as well using masking tape.

If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, cut out some black fabric from an old t-shirt in the correct shape, then hot-glue it on. Can't wait to try this with my little one. New Stories: Filter 0.

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Ok, I promised I would post instruction for the pinata. Now you are ready to start with the paper mache! Make a paper mache Venetian Mask Do you need a Venetian mask but can't afford to buy a fancy one? Materials Needed: We want a classic pinata and this just may be my mealticket to do so! I made two in case something went wrong with the first one but both made it in gear shape so I decided to make one Spiderman as planned and the second one is Venom which will add more to our superhero party.

You can ask an auto detailing shop if they have any scraps, then cut it into the shape of the eyes. Step 1: