President Obama has tried and failed to do this over the past four years. Candidates Head Into Debate Week on the Attack OCT. 1,

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And when he said it was Kyrie Irving the next time, of course it was Also Read: 12 Best Slams in NBA All-Star Dunk Contest History, from Dr. J.

The downed power line left much of the north side of Evansville without power for . Gallery: Christmas in Evansville area through the years.

November Bauble selection. Shop, Eat and Be Merry This Christmas. Castle Howard is the perfect place to pick up a Christmas treat, with our shops Inside a selection of garden and home gifts, decorations and pet presents means .

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The BBC One 'Circle' idents are a set of on-screen channel identities on . Doctor Who – Christmas – David Tennant, as the tenth incarnation of the . it featured the characters of the programme seated in an Audi Quattro set in

Dallas restaurants serving up holiday meals on Christmas Day

A spacecraft set on an apocalyptic collision course with Earth, a host of killer robot angels and an evil severed headed mastermind - it's just another Christmas .

Top 5 Luxury Christmas Blogs of scene – there doesn't seem to be all that many that want to discuss the savoury side of Christmas.