Suburban Transmission Problems - Folks: Need some advice from the people No more as too much heat will [email protected]#$ everything no broken. I have a question I have a Yukon suburban my truck won't go forward but It i have a chevy tahoe 4x4 and i took it to the transmission shop and he put.

The owners manual does not specify the capacities for my AWD how much fluid I am looking at for these three things thanks a lot!.

Whining noise when accelerating is annoying. It makes you cringe every time you start the car because the noise is likely to disturb the.

front end noise,not wheel bearing. not constant. sounds like a rotation grind - As soon as I put it in drive the noise starts under light acceleration and lasts .. I have a Ford f King ranch and hear a grinding noise.

My car had a similar symptom. It turns out the exhaust was blowing. Look for holes and bad rust along your exhaust lines and also look at the.

- Ford F - Rattle upon acceleration - I have a FX4 and whenever I accelerate slowly it sounds like there is a rattle coming.

If this has an effect on the humming noise, the problem is with the tires. have had the tires balanced and rotated every 6, or 7, miles, The humming happens only when I'm driving straight ahead. Grasp the tire with gloved hands at the 12/6 position and try to rock the tire and wheel in and out.

When I accelerate from stop, I hear a growling sound. Kind of like bubbles and then it stops. Only seems to happen from stop. No solution yet as I don't know.

I'll agree with previous answers concerning a defective front outer CV joint. Not necessarly both, because they last a long time if the rubber boot around them is.

I've heard that the 5 is quick but boring while the is a long yet scenic We're doing several trips from Lake Tahoe to Los Angeles this year.