John Wall Throwing Up Gang Signs

By April Hoang Posted: Some of those same characteristics are identifiable among feral dogs and hyenas.

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Photos courtesy of Det. A serious case of cerebral palsy that those with the disease find fellow cerebral palsy victims or idiots who will easily follow them and create a "gang", thus making their embarrassing disease look tight as shit or dumb as hell.

I will definitely not shut up two words though when I see racism. This type of targetting is bullying.

What Does Bloods Mean? Pop Culture by

On the other hand, the graffiti detail's status was low within the police department, and within the gang unit, because of the nature of the crime. And white IS a race, too, dear.

Robert Gardner, a fourth-year political science and African American studies student, said a group of African American students called an emergency community meeting Monday night and are discussing how they want to respond to the photo.

Some of these symbols are so meaningful that disrespecting the graffiti can be lethal for the person who paints over it or disrespects it in some other way. The term Bloods originates from an organized street-gang rivalry in Los Angeles that dates back to the s. Filed to: Amy Shao, the USAC Cultural Affairs commissioner who ran with the slate Waves of Change last year, said she thinks the fact that the photo was taken over a year ago is irrelevant, and it should never have been taken in the first place.

What a bunch of crap. Kay,I listened for about ten seconds and couldn't stand to listen to 'her? Where does Bloods come from? There is anger because this gang culture is being made a mockery of. There are neighborhoods in Kansas City where gang graffiti has remained posted on walls for over a decade - and no one dares remove it or paint over it.

I have feelings about this that are not expressed in the options above. I heard a black female student actually say on the news that blacks are somehow forced to join gangs and commit crimes.

Gang members use a variety of ways to communicate with each other and to symbolize their gang affiliation. Should the police remove the graffiti?

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Welcome to the Brave New World of Progressivism! Every other race can also be racist, too, and not just white people. Read it - police will gather what intelligence they can from the graffiti. Although I am not fluent in "gangese," I did learn a little about each of the following. The gang is also associated with a gang symbol: The demons they face are their own.

White People Throwing Gang Signs (PHOTOS)

Somewhere you aren't. I salute you Bill! Many of these hand signals are quite close to other common hand signs, and this can cause confusion among gang members, non-gang members, and anti-gang authorities.