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The advantages of specialization of labor were recognized at least as early as the times of Plato and Xenophon and were pointed out by several of the mercantilist writers before Adam Smith.

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Key Points Whenever countries have different opportunity costs in production they can benefit from specialization and trade. In many industries large plants differ from small ones only in the number of identical machines employed.

Similarly, Portugal can specialize in wine and get a unit of cloth for only 80 units of labor by trading, instead of the 90 units of labor it would take to produce the cloth domestically. Beverly Hills, CA: Stocks between stages can also help to reduce the problem to some extent but are costly and can hamper quality control. The issue reaches its broadest scope in the controversies about globalization , which is often interpreted as a euphemism for the expansion of world trade based on comparative advantage.

Total production of goods and services is raised and quality can be improved Variety; Consumers have access to a greater variety of higher quality products A bigger market: Classically the workers in a shipyard would build ships as units, finishing one before starting another.

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New York: Specialisation requires trade. February 20, Marx, Karl Capital: When every individual person labors apart, and only for himself, his force is too small to execute any considerable work; his labour being employed in supplying all his different necessities, he never attains a perfection in any particular art; and as his force and success are not at all times equal, the least failure in either of these particulars must be attended with inevitable ruin and misery.

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Few studies have taken place regarding the global division of labour. Competitiveness Collections. But in every improved and civilized society, this is the state into which the labouring poor, that is, the great body of the people, must necessarily fall unless the government takes some pains to prevent it.

More Study notes. Authority control GND: Political or economic changes in the second country may impact the supply of goods or services available to the first.

This important concept of meritocracy could be read as an explanation or as a justification of why a division of labour is the way it is. Cannan has pointed out that Smith ignored ibid. By specializing and then trading, Britain can get a unit of wine for only units of labor by trading cloth for labor instead of taking units of labor to produce the wine itself assuming the price of Cloth to Wine is 1.

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Penguin Books, For example, a spinning mill may specialize on a narrow range of counts, or a plant producing electric motors may specialize on a single size of motor. Introduction to International Trade.

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