This heartfelt love song launched two marquee-sized careers and stole hearts across the world from the first listen. The second hand is moving slow.

Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

An immortal classic about dreamt love and longing. Oh, can we try to be strong in this world? Kaskade - "Eyes" With three entries on this list and many more that could have made the cut , Kaskade's clearly a charmer -- and this first single off his album Fire and Ice may be his most affectionate to date. Some Like It Cold Glamourous stars darken the day The shadows of night lighten their way The wisdom of fools is not easy to learn So go one step ahead and two in return I am the sense in all of your tears I am the reason of all of your fears I am praised for my sadness I am praised for my faults I am praised for my madness Cause some like it hot And some like it cold Evening calls the sunset to rise I am a liar so take my advice The wheel of fortune always goes round Whatever goes up must always come down.

In the Hotel St John, It's near time for moving on, Another road another town another song, another echo in the wind. I will make you drown I will let you fall so deep I will see you frown I will let you fall so deep into me Forgive me — and die. Axwell - "Centre of the Universe" Axwell's first solo release post-Swedish House Mafia is a feel-good affair with endearing lyrics and uplifting melodies.

I unfurl my hands loosen myself I spin with the lights tripped I spin with the lights. Are they really necessary? We are worshipping the gods That keep twisting our thoughts Everyday a new sensation While a million creatures See their soil turning to dust Hrimata Eleison.

EDM Love Songs: Play Top 50 of All Time (Updated ) Billboard

Ghosts in the shadows. Ravenheart Come to me, Ravenheart Messenger of evil Come to me. Come along with us! Dead-end street to India Been so close and yet so far Give me back my India. Don't mix the ground with the ocean Don't mix your hearts, your skins or your notions of, how we should breathe, love and partake These thoughts will keep us right where they want to. And I feel what you do. No main frame module is enabled for views slideshow.

Get up off your chair. My last hour, I have nothing to regret Nothing left that I could give to you I have gone, taken everything with me Everything that I could hide from the pain That takes away my body.

A rose is free, a rose is wild And who would know better than I do? I have to celebrate you, baby. I will never let you go. The storm is moving in these clouds are high and you build your shelter with borrowed lies the stories you tell yourself may keep you warm but you won't see the lightning and you won't hear the call.

Top 50 EDM Love Songs of All Time

Come on, make me feel alive. I'm slowing down. Lifting me higher. Knowing the desire for the crown will lead nowhere Down there in the fire of the forge it has to burn. Richard Bedford - "Thing Called Love" A new age has begun…. Chasing relentlessly, still fight and I don't know why.

Sun rays touching my skin like a stream of gold Beauty, fame and wealth smell nice on top of the world Made my day, this day made me the blessed one My achievements will shine bright when all the smoke is gone.