How and When to Prune Which Plants

Spruces, firs and douglas-firs don't grow continuously, but can be pruned any time because they have lateral side buds that will sprout if the terminal tip buds are removed.

A dead branch will at some point decay back to the parent stem and fall off. Periodic hard pruning is appropriate for any healthy, established shrub, but it may be overdue if either or both of these conditions apply:.

Resources Our thanks to: Keep in mind, the larger the tree, the more labor-intensive this type of pruning will be, so do this while the tree is young. Need help pruning your bushes and trees?

How & When to Trim Bushes and Trees This Old House

In orchards, fruit trees are often lopped to encourage regrowth and to maintain a smaller tree for ease of picking fruit. But the benefits of pruning are not limited to those already mentioned. When to Prune Hydrangeas - These rules mostly apply to old-fashioned hydrangeas. Then, and most difficult for some homeowners select a group of strong, well-placed stems to save, then sacrifice a good number of the secondary stems.

Best Time to Prune Trees and Shrubs

A quick annual pruning will keep flowering shrubs shapely and full of blooms. The articles here will get you started. It also destroys the plant's natural shape and promotes suckering and development of weak branch structures. Trees and shrubs that bloom early in the growing season on last year's growth should be pruned immediately after they finish blooming:.

This procedure should not be carried out if the tree is in decline, poor health or dead, dying or dangerous DDD as the operation will remove some of the photosynthetic area the tree uses. Some trees have free-flowing sap that "bleeds" after late winter or early spring pruning. They are perfect for cutting smaller tree branches or stems in hard to access areas, such as the centre of a thorny bush.

Older shrubs that have become a tangle of unproductive stems may require a more extensive program of thinning cuts, called renewal or renovation pruning, that takes at least three years.

This natural shedding is called abscission. Prune to within 2 inches of the last pruning. However, if wounds need to be covered to prevent insect transmission of certain diseases such as oak wilt, use latex rather than oil-based paint.

All maples, including box elder Butternut and walnut Birch and its relatives, ironwood and blue beech. To get the most from your tools and prevent the spread of plant diseases, it is incredibly important to properly clean your garden tools after using them.

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Shrubs grown primarily for their foliage rather than showy flowers should be pruned in spring, before growth begins:. It is important to know that detrimental diseases can easily be spread if trees and shrubs are pruned at the wrong time of the year.

After flowering is the general rule which means spring flowering evergreens can be done in May, June or whatever.