Samsung's Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor explained

The home button 'press' is still functional with the underlying button see second photo , but this guide restores your fingerprint scanner. I have no issue sending messages via Wi-Fi. Fingerprint Lock. After swiping 10 times, a pop-up will appear that states your fingerprint has been registered. To ensure accuracy, she recommends that when you swipe your finger you do so exactly how you did during the initial setup process.

Step 18 Home button cable socket. But once i close the camera app and restart it the blurriness resurfaces. The Settings menu will have settings for each feature listed under category headers, like Motions and Controls, User and Backup, and Connectivity.

Another differentiation between Apple's implementation and Samsung's is the iPhone maker does not allow multiple attempts at using the fingerprint scanner to take place if users are not a correct match.

This can be done by entering the wrong password 20 times. Payment using PayPal Service.

All You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

Saving your battery. Author with 2 other contributors. The key to improving fingerprint scanner reliability is in the registering of the fingerprint. Clare Hopping News 17 Apr, Step 9. For this guide I am demonstrating on a Samsung Galaxy S5 which had the fingerprint reader cable for the home button torn. Step 25 Battery. Fingerprint scanner not detected when using Android 6.

What to do if you forgot your Galaxy S5 fingerprint backup passcode, other issues

Try again? Enter the Fingerprint Manager menu. Sign up using Email and Password. Add Comment.

What to do if you forgot your Galaxy S5 fingerprint backup passcode, other issues

As we have said to Jessica above, software troubleshooting is not the answer to everything. Watch this: Hi Zach. In Mobiles and Tablets. Tap the plus icon in the upper right corner of the Fingerprint Manager screen to do the registration on another finger. Xiaomi Pocophone Which Sim card do I need? In addition, the values for the accelerometer do not seem to change. If you find this post helpful, please help us by spreading the word to your friends. Not finding what you're looking for?

Register more fingerprints. If your replacement display did not come with a home button, follow our Home Button Assembly guide to transfer your old button over to the new display, or install a new button. You will be required to swipe 10 times, so make sure that you will have swiped the whole area of your finger within those 10 tries.

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One of the key suggestions to making it more accurately read the fingerprint is by swiping your chosen finger at more than one angle. Step 6.

The only time when it takes perfectly clear pictures using the rear camera is when I tap on either the top left or top right corner of my phone a couple of times. Related If you're not replacing the screen then you can skip this step.