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The version string to use for the module represented by this JAR.

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Here is an example:. Starting with Java 1. It contains zero or more nested elements as follows:.

The system module loader As of JBoss Modules 1. The caller of this method is responsible for closing the stream. To verify that the application was deployed correctly, open a web browser and go to http: Jboss vs. In the WebSphere console, find the specific enterprise application, click the "Class loading and update detection".

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Notice all of the additional services that start up in the default configuration. The name of the main class, which must be visible from this module. Configuring Tomcat Classpath Handling Via catalina. There are two types: A path specification to exclude.

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Again, this is now handled by the Common loader. The filesystem class path module loader is used to load JAR content directly as modules, including support for JAR- or path-embedded module repositories.

Java class loading is "lazy", which means that the first classloader that requests a certain class owns the class for the remainder of its lifecycle. The code source in turn is assembled from a URL in combination with an array of code signers.

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Contents WildFly All of those frameworks are Oracle proprietary implementations in the OC4J distribution. The filesystem module repository uses a dot-separated, reverse domain name convention which is similar to the Java package name convention; here are some examples:.

Post as a guest Name. This family of services is called a Server Configuration.

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It is possible to define resource roots for a module which correspond to JAR files as well as file system directories, just like class paths.

Given two modules, A and B, which each depend on one another, like this: JBoss Modules is a standalone implementation of a modular non-hierarchical class loading and execution environment for Java. Best Practices Avoid loading libraries and packages other than the standard ones distributed with Tomcat using the Commons Loader.

While JBoss runs, it constantly polls this directory looking for changes to the configuration.