200 Mystical Mandala Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Mandala tattoos are typically in black and gray, but can be complemented by color accents. Butterfly mandala tattoos are beautiful are a symbol of the transformation.

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This allows for the tattoo design to be placed virtually anywhere on the body. Larger mandala tattoo designs are often drawn on spaces like the shoulders, ribs, spine, back, stomach or chest. Please feel free to comment on your favorite image! We hope that you enjoyed the article and were able to find an image that you will love forever. When a triangle is upwards it symbolizes masculinity and creativity, while a triangle which is turned down stands for femininity.

If you want to make a sun, you could use a traditional mandala and draw rays that radiate outward to represent the sun. When you want to source your mandala design from Hindu, go for a black tattoo, which is closer to the sand version, one often used in Hindu culture.

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Inspiring mandala tattoo designs - magical motifs and their meaning

The hand is wonderful, and the All Seeing Eye is within. Thigh Tattoos This Mandala tattoo is rather large but the detail is amazing and one of a kind. Bold and Beautiful A great tattoo design that you are sure to love because of its simplicity. A great design that has the circle on the inside with many different elements on the outside. There is a saying that a mandala tattoo will work only if you really believe in it. However, since then, the mandala tattoo has become one of the most popular tattoo designs around the world.

A lot of mandalas can be incorporated into a sleeve, starting from the wrist, flowing up the arm.

Circular Designs These circular designs are truly amazing. If mandalas express ideas you care deeply about you might work some into a bigger piece. Posted February 18, 0.

Overall, the tattoo is a tool to symbolize your journey. Over the course of thousands of years, this symbol has been used in diverse religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Paganism.

There are so many different designs when it comes to a Mandala tattoo.

Inspiring mandala tattoo designs – magical motifs and their meaning

Mandala circle is a symbol of infinity, unification, peace, harmony, wholeness, integrity. They create a urethral look that is unmatched anywhere else. Topics Graphic Design. Although having generally the same meaning in Hinduism, the lotus is also an expression of purity of soul and the chakras — the energy centers of health and spirituality.

12 Stunning Mandala Tattoos With Deep Meanings

The sun, earth, stars and moon are perfectly shaped for a circular mandala tattoo. In the end, choosing a mandala tattoo is not as hard as one might think.

Registration Login Back. However, because of the geometric styling of mandalas, it is often best to choose a smooth area of the body such as the back, shoulder or thigh for the placement of a mandala.

When used together, flowers and the mandala can represent eternity, balance and femininity. Add image in album.

LOG IN oder. Add Leaves Make your Mandala flower truly unique with these bright green leaves. Mandala ink designs are usually designed from the center outwards. The colors are just incredible together. The word comes from Sanskrit and means a holy circle around which everything revolves, a center with perimeter. If you are looking for a huge tattoo that will cover most of your back then look no further than this design.