The Original Bullitt Mustang Has Come Out of Hiding

A link has been sent to your friend's email address. The day after Sean revealed his secret, Horstmann, the film director, drove to Nashville to meet Wallace and Sean for lunch. First, the second-gen car was the result of a drastic industry shift caused by the oil crisis.

A car novice explores the Ford Mustang history

It was bigger, heavier and harder to drive. The sixth-generation, redesigned Mustang. He even established a website, FindingBullitt. Ford honored the U. The Mustang Bullitt pays homage to the film.

Finally, there is the rap that the Mustang II was embarrassingly underpowered. Since it sat, unworking, for his entire life, having the opportunity to get behind the wheel now is a very strange experience for Kiernan.

There wasn't any market. He and a longtime movie-business friend, Ken Horstmann, had written a screenplay about two young guys buying a barn-find car with plans to earn a fortune in the flip. Sean Kiernan's family kept its most prized possession a secret. Here you'll find road test results, photos, specifications, and prices for hundreds of cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs.

Insurance rates were a dampening factor on sales as the sporty cars grew bigger and were powered by larger engines, according to Ford officials. Not to mention that combining the compact body and lightweight construction with a modern Ford V8 engine could give you quite the quick quarter-mile runner.

People came in droves to see the Mustang II -- and to buy. While the four-door Mustang sedan concept, built in , never made it anywhere past the designer's studio, a two-door wagon or shooting brake version of the car had much longer legs.

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We move to the engine bay. One of the objectives, Mr. Bob, a Hartford Insurance executive, was relocated to Cincinnati in , and the Bullitt car moved with him. Also, while the Mustang II is often criticized for looking too similar to the Pinto, a side-by-side comparison reveals that very few body features are actually similar. Only Ford Motor Company. The fevered dream of three Ford fans —including Robert Cumberford designer , Barney Clark Blue Oval ad exec , and Jim Licata partner in crime —the cargo-friendly Mustang was converted from a coupe that had been sent to Italy's Costruzione Automobili Intermeccanica that same year.

Initially Ford tried to retain the car's original platform and give it a much longer, personal-luxury type of design, but it became clear that wouldn't work. His dad said no. But there's a little more to it than that and more than little hit of luck. With a hurriedly revised program, Mr. A man from Madison, New Jersey, saw the ad. It rival, the heavier Chevy Camaro, got only six more horses from its ci V It also passed through the hands of Frank Marranca, a police detective, who bought the car from the studio in with a letter from Ford certifying that the Mustang with VIN 8R02S had been purchased by Solar Productions for the movie.