'Doctor Who' recap, 'The Power of Three': The slow invasion

Rory wipes down surfaces, while The Doctor plays Wii and, in a callback to the first time we met Amy and this incarnation of The Doctor, they all enjoy fish fingers and custard. You're a life-saver, mate, literally. Panini Comics It's just the cupboard round the corner. The Doctor clutches his chest. Back in the game. No, no, no.

“The Power Of Three”

The Invasion". The slow invasion. Erase humanity before it colonises space. Target unconfirmed. Are they extra-terrestrial in origin? The human plague breeding and fighting. Within three hours, the cubes had a thousand separate Twitter accounts.

The Doctor Who Transcripts - The Power of Three

Ultimate force available. Doctor Who serial. Be busy! Not if you count the inside. It goes so fast. We think it could be a third of the population. Well done. Can't you? Why did you drop Lethbridge? After escaping from their security guards, the Doctor radios the Brigadier to rescue them and also locates Zoe and Isobel.

How are they dying? Just bring them back safe. I know! People leaning in, wham. The journalist and the nurse. End of entry.

Doctor Who: “The Power Of Three”

Retrieved 1 March Remotely isn't my style. When the Cyber-planner reveals that they no longer need Vaughn, he uses the "Cerebration Mentor" Prototype weapon to destroy it. I had a metal dog could do that. Er, well, that's good. Doctor, look.

Doctor Who. Dual Planet. Brian enters. Brian falls asleep.