Penguins & The Blubber Mitten Experiment

Ask a preschooler to insert her hand in the pouch, then put the pouch into the tub of ice. It's one of the most creative I have seen. I love that you actually took the leap and tried something out! Stay Away Tooth Decay Objectives: Bello coached the students on vocals, recorded and mixed the track.

Blubber Gloves -teacher notes and activity To make the blubber glove, use two zip lock plastic bags and fill one with Crisco about 1 cup.

Rubber Blubber Gloves

I love this! Use the hand towel to dry off the outside of the control glove, if necessary. Secure the bag around their wrists e. Kidding - this is fun and educational, perfect!

Winter Animals in Winter Children will perform an experiment to determine which substance will work best to melt ice.

What a great idea. In our experiment the shortening acted as blubber, or fat, to keep our hands warm. How would they keep themselves warm? Science Project and Fair Ideas. Another example of the benefits of taking learning outdoors!

Put on your nitrile gloves and insert your hands in two plastic bags: The blubber glove experiment uses real gloves; it is a messy but fun way to learn about blubber. Repeat step 7 with the test glove.

Rubber Blubber Gloves: Instructions AMNH

Make a Butterfly Feeder. Vegetable shortening Two sandwich- or quart-size bags Duct tape Container of ice water colder, the better! Kids will surely love this. I think we'll be doing this soon with my kids!

We used Crisco. Hailing out of Pittsburgh, Pa. Make oxygen from permanganate and hydrogen peroxide All Hot Posts. We just did an experiment with how much fat is in your burger with crisco, so we have some at home! Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Cruikshank Home Science Tools: Whale Blubber Experiment. What To Do Note: The experiment will be much more meaningful when children learn what blubber is.

This is why some animals eat all summer and fall—to fatten up for the cold winter. This post reminds me of Moby Dick and all the things I learned about blubber and whales.

Penguins & The Blubber Mitten Experiment - Keeping Life Creative

Give each child a turn with the blubber glove. Share Many animals live their lives in extreme weather conditions. Name required. So the shortening provides a decent substitute for blubber, the layer of fat that seals , whales , walrus , polar bears , and other marine animals in polar climates have under their skin.