Treasure Hunting with Chocobo - Guide for Final Fantasy IX

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In Final Fantasy 9. Do i find all of the Chocograph pieces in chocobo forest? Yahoo Respostas

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Esistern Coast, northwest of Cleyra, in a corner by mountains and sea Location: If the island were still whole, the treasure would be right in the center of it.

Treasure Get the Red Chocobo. Just dig, and when you find it, a treasure chest should pop up. Moonstone Reward: Chocobo Forest is located to the north-east of Lindblum's Dragon Gate. Check the beach north-west of Cleyra, on the very northwest area on the Mist Continent.

Chocobo Sidequests Guide

You can get up to 8 rare and good items in one game, and the price is low! You might not find a Chocograph in every game you pay for, so just keep playing and digging at each chocobo location until Mene says that Choco cannot find anymore Chocographs there. On the east side of the Lost Continent. On the east side of the Forgotten Continent.

To look for Chocograph treasures, the Chocograph must be equipped, or Choco will not dig in the world map. The deeper the treasure is, the more points you will get. Popular Games Resident Evil 3: While they can Last Post By: Mountain Cracks are self explanitory, cracks in a mountain wall.


Melhor resposta: Shallows south of Treno, southeastern tip area of Mist Continent Treasures: That might be it, kupo. I like to thin Nymph green Location: The game itself is amply explained within the game. Now push X to mount the chocobo and enter Chocobo's Forest again. Please put FF, Gamefaqs, or something related in the Subject line so they don't get mistaken for junk e-mail.

Somewhere in between the rocks as shown in the Chocograph. View Desktop Site.

Final Fantasy IX - Chocograph FAQ

Ore x17 Ether x5 Opal x14 Demon's Mail x1. There is a little island. Sea refers to the third upgrade, the Black version of Choco that can run over shallow water, most land masses, and deep water as well. Outer island He will show you a letter from Stiltzkin. You are closer to the treasure.

City Girl: Final Fantasy IX: Chocobo Hot and Cold (Disc 1)

Directors Cut. The speed the meter decreases depends on Choco's Beak Level: After you give the Diamond to the Friendly Yan, the fight with Ozma will be easier. Bentini Heights, Treno area forest Request: Show CheatCodes.