But its formed adjective judgemental is quite the reverse, with bad connotations. Drazen Bjelovuk.

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One exhibits stupidity for example, but one does not cast a stupidity. Listen to the words and spell through all three levels. Hot Network Questions. Using the thesaurus. The phrase you're looking for is judgmental attitude.

View all discussions. Another--even stronger--word is condemnatory , but again, some word changes would be necessary, as in I was put off by his condemnatory attitude toward me and my life choices. Open Dictionary like minding mice at a crossroads said of trying to organize something that is tricky add a word.

Merriam Webster: There's a yikes-ton of work to be done before we get there, and part of doing that work is acknowledging reality. Perhaps this is the term you seek?

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Mazura Mazura 8, 3 21 Translation of judgmental Nglish: Comedian ISMO on what separates a boot from a trunk. What about judgmental attitude? Das Kopfsteinpflaster. If you feel bad for saying it, then you have a heart and you still have your conscience ,congratulations. Now you can learn the Nordic approach to planning 'liveable' cities.

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In your exemplar sentence, however, you would need to replace towards with of. Please take the tour and visit our help center for additional guidance. Langenscheidt gives one definition for Kehrwoche: Haughtiness is also a possibility, as in I was put off by his haughtiness regarding my life choices. Simple definition: Word for judgemental attitude?

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