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A decision will then be made on what action is to be taken. We have listed a few examples below. This kind of check tends to be renewed and reviewed on a ten-yearly basis.

The Interview The interview is the main worry for most people who go through the DV process. The company must be contracted or are in the process of being contracted to work on one or more specific classified projects.

Individuals must be sponsored to apply for a security clearance. Chris Thornton offers advice to help speed up the process:.

How to get Security Clearance in the UK

The following list is not exhaustive but these are the documents that the Vetting Officers commonly ask to see where appropriate. Our IT network security remains the same. Skip to main content. Your sponsor is someone who is required to verify that the Baseline Personnel Security Standard BPSS was done prior to your employment and can also verify that your role requires you to have the identified level of clearance.

We treat anyone who goes through the vetting process fairly. Its purpose is to investigate and monitor anything of continuing security concern, between periods of normal review, which could affect an individual holding a NSV clearance. The interview will be very searching, but it is not an interrogation and should not feel like one.

Usually these are of little or no security significance.

How to get security clearance for IT jobs

SC is the most common level of clearance and is for jobs which would give the candidate access to secret government assets or occasional controlled access to top secret assets. You can have a friend, colleague or relative at the interview. Skip to main content. Please note that during our transitional period, work is continuing to rebrand our IT platforms, together with the forms, letters and emails generated by us. News categories. Subject Access Requests SAR You are entitled under data protection legislation to apply to see the personal data that we hold on you.

All personal information gathered during the vetting process is handled in the strictest confidence.

Get Security Cleared - Security Cleared Jobs

Therefore if you need to sponsor an application or have a requirement to frequently enquire about the vetting status of a subject i. In making this judgement, the business manager must take into account the sensitivity of the business area, the information held, and local conditions of work and of the practicality of limiting access.

We ask former employers, senior officers and educational establishments for information about you.

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