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There's a condition called telogen effluvium where the body, after undergoing severe stress, suddenly puts all its follicles into the telogen stage at once, and hair promptly falls out. Plucking in this very special way, it seems, prompted the body's immune system to sense an attack and tell the follicles to regrow on the double.

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BumperCars Rabbits do this to carrots and Jason Mraz does this to ears. If you're constantly putting your hair under severe stress by braiding, cornrowing or putting extensions in it, traction alopecia could result.

I can break myself into millions of pieces yet still work. While it's not yet fully understood, male and female pattern baldness appears to be caused by an inherited sensitivity to a chemical called DHT , which is naturally produced in the body as a by-product of testosterone. Last year he kept track of how many cookies he ate; he ate cookies in five days no wonder his belly shakes like a bowlful of jelly!

Look at your family's history of hair thinning in women, regulate your nutrition, lower stress levels and go see your doctor to talk about how your hormones might be affecting things. Envelope What begins with t, ends with t and has t in it? Bottle What type of cheese is made backwards? Who is the smartest primate? Twelve I have two arms, but fingers none. What was the daughter's name?

What Causes Female Hair Loss? And Is There Any Way To Reverse It?

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