How to Remove a Stuck Brake Drum

Categories Brakes. There should be retaining screws that can be loosened with a strong flat head screwdriver. When you're done with your maintenance, carefully reassemble the wheel and replace the brake drum by performing the disassembly steps in reverse order. Comment by anna — Wed Aug 17 A manufacturer may opt for rear drum brakes to save weight and money on their vehicles.

help!!! Rear brake drum stuck to hub?

Work around the drum equally, else it's likely to jam. I couldn't remove the shoes, it was very difficult, the horizontal tension springs were very hard to move away but the shoes seem to be in a still good condition???? Yes, In fact I live at 2, meters over sea level, that's very high! Sign in Already have an account?

Stuck Brake Drum

Can you rotate the drum? A more common problem would be that the wheel is rusted directly to the drum. Once the brake drum is free, give it a thorough clean. Do this until the wheel has fully rotated, clicks and stops. Grab your tire iron and give each lug nut one turn or so in the counterclockwise direction. Regards Peter. Posted June 15, Ever fixed something? I work for a large motor factors, and we have access to dealer look ups. Then tap the outer edge of the brake drumr with a hammer.

Watch you don't catch the back plate.

help!!! Rear brake drum stuck to hub? MIG Welding Forum

I believe they are self explanatory. Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts. Sign in Already have an account? Doc Not sure that advice is quite so excellent. You only asked for help to remove a stuck drum.