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AKG Pro is one of our favorite brands when it comes to mics. If I cannot get the sound from the mics I have, I will EQ in the box or with out board or both on the way in.

The Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones in the World Mic Reviews

The piano was moved to the end of the hall, firing down the long dimension towards the mic. If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies.

Popularity Price: A further central mic was added to demonstrate one way of dealing with the 'hole in the middle' problem when working with spaced-stereo methods. I'm Buried In Jargon Talking about mic techniques can get pretty technical.

The Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones in the World

In the case of the first of these pairs of mics, the position gives quite a bright sound, so it's not uncommon for engineers to mix in the signal of a further mic to reinforced the low end. And some of that still comes through, when you do it in analog mix down to bit, Found them very adaptable. Tube MicrophoneWith nine different directional characteristics, the M Tube can be adapted to This mic placement was something which Paul White mentioned might be worth experimenting with in his piano-recording article back in SOS October , the idea being that it picks up a more mellow sound from the soundboard.

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They were also done in acoustically decent, relatively large, performance rooms. It is particularly well suited to work with the piano lid closed, removing the need for cumbersome mic stands and providing additional isolation in loud environments. Moreover, it extends the depth on both instrument and vocal recordings.

A more natural and open sound can be achieved with upright piano by removing the casework panels to expose the instrument's strings and soundboard. Proper preamplifier gain trimming is essential to obtain a good recording that has not been recorded too loudly or too softly. There is no one single right or wrong way to go about this. Below are a few options for miking a grand piano: Which can easily transcode down from bit, It comes with a huge capsule along with a sleek and thin 3-micron evaporated gold Mylar diaphragm.

It also made into our best podcasting mics guide because of its versatility for a super long list of recommended applications.

The Ultimate Guide to Condenser Microphones for Home Recording

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Most were live to 2 track analog and later 2 track digital. So you actually need someone's computer audio interface, USB box.

The main family of coincident setups are the crossed pairs, which derive the stereo image from level differences between the mics. I've focused in mainly on recording grand pianos, and for reasons of space haven't gone into detail on recording uprights. This condenser mic has been built with a unique process that is used to allow high frequencies as well as improved details. And you'll have them close enough so that noise should be of no concern.

To help give an idea of the kind of change involved, listen to the 'InsideOmnisToCardioids30cm' files, where I used the same mic positions as for the first two 'InsideSpaced30cm' recordings, except that I switched the mics' omni capsules for cardioid ones. Table of Contents.