Unbranded Type: Shopping Options Brand. Easy to use, simple forward and backwards motion, no complex learning to use this. In one embodiment, one or more cables of the cable and pulley system are adapted to be coupled to a first and second point of resistance provided by the resilient elongate members.

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Strong sturdy design for gym or home useStrengthen and tone abs,shoulder,arms, back and upper body development3. End cap is positioned at the end of outer tube distal to baseplate Completed items.

DEC3 en. An exercise machine 10 of the present invention is shown in FIG. Cable 90 is adapted to be moved by the user against the resistance of the resilient elongate members.

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The movement of each resilient elongate member is in inverse proportion to its resistive force. From gym balls to exercise mats, the online store has it all! Fitup Life Gym Gloves with Adjustable Thus, it is possible for the device to be used effectively with resilient elongate members captured only at one end, for example.

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The cable and pulley system also eliminates the need to capture the same amount of resistance at each end of the resilient elongate member assembly. Fitness More from this seller. Last Added Items. This means that during an exercise routine the user has more cable to manipulate, so a longer stroke can be accomplished with a smaller relative displacement of the resilient elongate members.

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US7798946B2 - Exercise device with centrally mounted resistance rod - Google Patents

Your email address will not be published and required fields are marked. The user can benefit from a bench as source of balance and stability when doing exercises.

Once resilient elongate members 28 are captured, the resilient elongate members 28 can remain in a defined path as they flex. Wonder Core.

USB2 - Exercise device with centrally mounted resistance rod - Google Patents

User force application device for an exercise, physical therapy, or rehabilitation apparatus. Cable and pulley system 24 provides a mechanism for utilizing the resistance provided by the plurality of resilient elongate members New other see details. Healthgenie Knee Cap - 1 Pair. For instance, upper horizontal member 20 , which facilitates overhead exercises, is not provided on a machine designed only for low reach exercises.

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One such device available in the market incorporates two sets of flexible rods of varying resistance. In a preferred embodiment, the resilient elongate members are adapted to provide a range of different amounts of resistance.

The Ab Wheel Roller can tone the muscles of the entire midsection at once from a variety of different angles. If an equal amount of force is applied by the user to both ends 90 a, 90 b then the same amount of cable will be drawn at each end.

Fulcrum 30 of FIG. Show only Vector X items. In one embodiment, the amount of resistance depends on the diameter of the resilient elongate members captured.