How to illustrate with watercolours: 7 pro tips

May 5, Phoenix R. If you worked on small areas for deepening color, use a smaller brush. Watercolour is about the way water evaporates from the surface of your paper.

PS Paige Schuster Jul 15, Meream you are a very talented artist, I love all of these tree houses, I so want to just live in your pictures now!!!!

How to illustrate with watercolours: 7 pro tips Creative Bloq

Etsy Instagram. I'm trying to learn how to color stamped images in greeting cards for a different look. Once the first water application has dried, you can either add more of the same color to deepen your base color, or you can add another color for a layer effect. Don't worry about being too precise or adding too much detail—that's something you'll do later as you layer color.

I tend to work on the smaller side so my brushes range from to 6. As a result, I went on to create a beautiful piece for my school art project!

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I live for cats, crafts, coffee. Watercolor Painting Supplies. Like us on Facebook for more stories like this: So, feel free to experiment; you can always wash away any mistakes. There is no right or wrong with this project as you can lay your colours on, letting them blend naturally and mix gracefully into one another.

Test the painting with your fingertip, pressing down lightly. Tips The water will carry colors into each other.

Watercolor Painting Tips for Beginners

Cake and Pan watercolor sets usually have built-in fold out palettes that are useable in varying degrees depending on their size and orientation. Use watercolor paper or heavy board to draw on. Log In Don't have an account? Cookies make wikiHow better. The masking fluid dries into a rubbery material that you can easily rub off with your finger. This article helped me learn about watercolor drawing.

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Dip the brush into a small bowl of clean water, then wipe it gently on the rim of the bowl. CS Caz Stock Oct 21, What brushes you use for your second application of water will depend on what sort of layering work you did.

Not Helpful 17 Helpful Watercolor Palettes: So, use a light touch. Use abstract art to express yourself and unleash your creativity. Your paintings a make me smile and take me to a happy place.


Updated March 13, That said, it's important to try to depict objects and materials with their textures included. This is usually when I fine-tune and make last minute adjustments to improve my draft. Where you find colors. Not Helpful 28 Helpful