6.0L Rough Idle on Cold Start

Kerry Warren. About the Author Alexander Poirier began writing professionally in So you ask, what fails? The PowerStroke fuel injector is not without flaws; there are several ways to tell if your PowerStroke injector is in need of adjustment.

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He is an ASE certified master mechanic in both diesel and automotive. One Response to Ford 6. When it finally runs it has no power and runs really rough. Temperature is in the 40s in the morning. I don't have a dealer anywhere near me at all. Quote message in reply? If you would like more information or assistance in regards to this, we are offering a tech support line to help you through your 6.

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Check the fuel pressure?. It is sent into an oil cooler where the oil is cooled with engine coolant in a liquid to liquid heat exchanger. That spool valve only moves.

See if that helps to correct my problem.

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Take comfort in the fact that if a glow plug flat-out fails, a DTC specific to that cylinder will be thrown. From there, the oil is fed to the back side of the injectors where it serves several purposes. Either that or this weekend. Oil that stays inside the valve on a hot engine shutdown and is allowed to cool slowly in the injector can aggravate the condition on restart, so the newest reflash uses inductive heat after shutdown to keep the oil warm, keep its viscosity low, and maximize the oil flowability to purge the oil from them.

This only last for a couple mins and i have no problems with it for the rest of the day until i go to start it again the next morning to go to work anyone have any ideas? Find all posts by bobfbigman. Email Address: Hi all, I also experience this same issue with my GMC and I am going to try fuel injector cleaner. If it is injector stiction, synthetic 5W40 oil also helps. Still running rough but if you unscrew the IAC it idles high but the miss smooths The Power Stroke Blues: So on to the fuel pressure system upgrade kit.

Ok, just did the cold start and drive thing, the start up was smoother than it has been. Send a private message to JarrodB. Some of the oil is sent to the rod and main bearings, cam, lifters, rocker arms and other moving parts for lubrication purposes.

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So where i thought it was good it actually is not. If you do manage to start the engine, it will be very low on power. Driving Line accelerates automotive passion by providing a fresh angle of what fuels us.

Going to cold start it this morning and see how things are with that changed.