Bench Dogs

I decided to go with a brad point bit and the hand drill attachment. Not sure if you can get replacement pads for them or not but I'm hoping so. I have a traditional woodworking bench made of 4 inch thick oak.

I hate working on masonite New Time left: Press in place for a solid non-slip work surface. Drilling a bunch of round holes in a thick bench takes longer than you might think.

Each order wi Woodworking clamps. I bought it to compliment my repurposed makeshift workbench I dont have a brace, but have been looking to try one. Q September 23, at 2: Woodworking Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Skip to main content. It has been serving perfectly since Sold as a Pair. Also second that you just need countersunk screws.

It really doesn't have to be a super accurate, a degree or so off isn't going to affect the usability of the dog hole.

Bench Dogs Woodworking:

I hand cut all of the dovetails for the end blocking which is made of maple. Each order will receive a set pair of hold fasts similar to the ones shown. You will need to register before you can post: To get them out of the way just pull them out, flip them over and place somewhere out of the way, they stand nicely on their own.

It glues well, too, and makes excellent jigs. It's easy to change the angle you are drilling at since the sides of the bit are rather short. Pure speculation on my part, but they could be called "dogs" because they resemble a prairie dog popping out of its hole.

How do I drill bench dog holes neatly through a 3" top? : Workbenches

I've got a fir plywood surface right now and it has deteriorated severely over the years and carelessness, since I've been planning to get rid of this bench top for ten years and haven't been particularly careful of it. I have nicer tools nowadays, so there's no way I'll willingly place a metal barricade in the path of a finely tuned smoothing plane again.

Jameel Abraham December 6, at 9: Not wanting to continue widening the dog holes and make the bench look ratty I got used to giving them a rap from underneath with a hammer. They look like this: Was hoping to avoid nailing to the bench--that's what the dog holes are for. Post Comments Atom. Anonymous December 7, at 5: Such a good deal.