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All of Michigan's major league teams play in the Metro Detroit area.

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Michigan Department of Transportation. Products and services include automobiles, food products, information technology, aerospace, military equipment, furniture, and mining of copper and iron ore.

The Beaches and Dunes section of the Lower Peninsula is comprised of low forest-covered areas alternating with high bare dunes. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids is the next busiest airport in the state, served by eight airlines to 23 destinations.

Democratic U. Leading crops include corn, soybeans, flowers, wheat, sugar beets, and potatoes. Other peninsulas of Michigan include the Keweenaw Peninsula , making up the Copper Country region of the state.

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The influential Motown Sound of the s was led by a variety of individual singers and groups. Grand Rapids , the second-largest city in Michigan, is also an important center of manufacturing. Laminated maps are easy to fold, write on, and wipe off. May 3, The lieutenant governor presides over the Senate but only voting when ties occur, and is also a member of the cabinet.

The Michigan State Capitol was dedicated in and has hosted the executive and legislative branches of the state ever since.

The durable and convenient Michigan EasyToFold state map will take all the wear and tear your journey can dish out. Mainline Protestant.

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Michigan State University Press. Philadelphia 6. With the growth, the auto industry created jobs in Detroit that attracted immigrants from Europe and migrants from across the United States, including both blacks and whites from the rural South.

Major cities: Cities and Towns in Michigan The map shows the location of following cities and towns in Michigan: Dennis Buchner. Michigan Daily.

Some parts of the state average high temperatures below freezing from December through February, and into early March in the far northern parts.

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Historian David Chardavoyne has suggested the movement to abolish capital punishment in Michigan grew as a result of enmity toward the state's neighbor, Canada.

Michigan led the nation in lumber production from the s to the s. Retrieved September 3,