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In addition, our finding of rapid onset of testis cancer within 15 months in a patient with known testicular microlithiasis, is in agreement with several authors 19 , although in other studies testicular cancer has been developed even seven years after the primary diagnosis of testicular microlithiasis Table 1. Association between testicular microlithiasis, testicular cancer, cryptorchidism and history of ascending testis.

Renshaw AA: The testicular arteries, as well as the pampiniform plexus, nerves, and lymphatics, converge within the spermatic cord and course toward the tunica albuginea. In cases of testicular cancer accompanying TM, specific tumor types were pathologically confirmed.

These data suggest that these subjects with retractile testes or cryptorchidism may be evaluated with ultrasound scan. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The most common form of presentation is tiny specks of echogenic foci distributed diffusely, bilaterally, and symmetrically within the testicular parenchyma 1,7.

The presence of testicular microlithiasis, the number of lesions and the involvement of both testicles in relation to the symptoms and the coexistence of other lesions were studied.

Urol Int. Testicular microlithiasis. Campbell HE. Thinking beyond germ cell tumors. There may therefore be a relationship between the degree of calcification and poor sperm function [ 26 ]. Urol Int.

Testicular microlithiasis

Polyorchidism is rare and can range from testicular duplication alone to duplication of the epididymis or the spermatic cord. Patients with cryptorchidism had an increased risk of testicular microlithiasis provided in 36 times.

Whether and if testicular microlithiasis is present before the development of testicular germ cell tumors and the time needed to develop testicular cancer is not well known thus the prognostic value of this entity as a precancerous lesion for testicular cancer remains controversial The children with testicular microlithiasis were submitted to annual physical examinations and ultrasound evaluations.

However, in cases with smaller numbers of microliths that were associated with malignancy [ 22 ], we documented all microliths except 1 or 2 that could be an incidental finding without pathological significance. A valuable tool in the evaluation of complications following inguinal hernia repair. Of all detected testicular pathologies, only testicular cancer showed a significant difference in prevalence. We defined TM as multiple more than 2 calcifications smaller than 2 mm no acoustic shadowing inside the testicular parenchyma on US [ 3 , 4 , 10 ].

On the other hand, testicular microlithiasis is found more often in men with concomitant benign testicular conditions [cryptorchidism, testicular dysgenesis, male infertility, testicular torsion and atrophy, Klinefelter's syndrome, hypogonadism, male pseudohermaphroditism, varicocele, and epididymal cysts ] proposing that the microcalcifications themselves are not malignant.

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Patients in this study included men who were referred to our institution between July and May for any type of symptoms from the testicles feeling of weight, pain, painful or painless inflammation, etc.

In our study, we found the prevalence of TM among pediatric patients with inguinoscrotal affections to be 0. Complications from epididymo-orchitis include abscess formation with complex hydrocele or testicular ischemia due to epididymal edema compressing the testicular venous outflow.

Materials and Methods A total of 1, patients undergoing scrotal ultrasound during a 6-year, 5-month period January to May were retrospectively reviewed. Because there were only five bilateral TM cases in 15 tumor cases with TM, we couldn't determine the clinical significance of laterality with respect to TM. Color Doppler US of the scrotum. Testicular calcification in a 4-year-old boy. Testicular adrenal rest tumors.

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