Common Sense Survival 101: How to Preserve Your Food

Feel free to leave helpful resources or links in the comments! Drying Foods to Preserve Them. If you use too much salt, your finished product may be way too salty but this is better than not using enough. Throw out any cans that are bulging, as this can be a sign that air and bacteria has been introduced.

Common Sense Survival How to Preserve Your Food Common Sense Survival

The goal in this method is long-term storage, which requires more of a drying process than a cooking process. I have plenty of recipes that are tomato based but need pressure canning. Buy extra of your favorite foods when they go on sale. Back then they preserved food just to survive another day — not to plan for food storage 25 years down the road.

Survival Skills: How to Use Salt and Smoke to Cure Meat and Fish Outdoor Life

Views FoodSaver Vacuum Packaging Systems. The key to smoking meat is to expose it to a low indirect heat for a long period of time while smoking it. It shames me to admit it but my lack of action not only endangered my life, it also endangered the lives of my children. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus youTube instagram snapchat rss. Just to get us started. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. You summarize things well and in an orderly fashion. Growing your fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your family supplied with nutritious foods.

We do stock up on dried beans and rice, and canned tuna and some chicken.

How to Preserve and Store Food for Emergency Survival (Whole Foods Style)

Deer Rabbit When you cut these thinly and lay them out to sun dry, after they have dried you can eat on these for a long time. Over time, when the Natives found the need to go in search of their food, they needed to pack some foods to go with them.

The choice is up to you. Katie, great overview! Pickling might require boiling the foods in the salt mixture, but it could also be done by simply leaving the food items in an open pot, tub or vat of salt brine with the desired flavorings for hours and sometimes days. Download our FREE eBook guide and learn how survival gear can be helpful in many different life situations.

The good news is that there are proven methods for preserving meat that has been used for centuries by our ancestors.

Another handy method of preservation is smoking, which dries, flavors, and preserves meat and fish. It helps me save lots of money so I can Eat Well, Spend Less , but there are some issues to consider when thinking about an emergency. You might find that your stress levels increase once you read the list — mine sure did.

See my full disclosure statement here. Comments You should consider the disease with salting and sugaring your food, it could cause disease like diabetes and heart disease.

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