What is a HIPAA Violation?

The court agreed: All Rights Reserved. The Department of Health and Human Services defines covered entities as healthcare providers, health plans, and healthcare clearinghouses, which include hospitals, physicians, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, schools, nonprofit organizations that provide some healthcare services, and even government agencies. However, might an individual adversely affected by such a violation assert a claim on her own behalf and seek monetary damages under HIPAA against the offending healthcare provider?

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Social breaches - An accidental breach of patient information in a social situation is quite common, especially in smaller more rural areas. This applies to a laptop, thumbnail drive, or any other mobile device. We handle records requests within 24 hours β€” and usually at NO cost to the provider. Unprotected storage of private health information - A good example of this is a laptop that is stolen. See similar articles. Share this. For more information on how DataFile can securely and quickly handle your Release of Information requests, please contact us today.

George F. Failure to promptly release information to patients - According to HIPAA, a patient has the right to receive electronic copies of medical records on demand.

Your team needs refresher courses and notifications when regulations change. June 15, Releasing information to an undesignated party - Only the exact person listed on the authorization form may receive patient information.

After she failed to secure redress through administrative complaints, the plaintiff filed suit against Lab Corp for an alleged HIPAA violation. What if you are just a janitor at a healthcare organization?

The Most Common HIPAA Violations and How to Prevent Them

Often only managers, administration, and medical staff receive training although HIPAA law requires all employees, volunteers, interns and anyone with access to patient information to be trained. Employees disclosing information β€” Employees' gossiping about patients to friends or coworkers is also a HIPAA violation that can cost a practice a significant fine.

Accessing patient information on home computers β€” Most clinicians use their home computers or laptops after hours from time to time to access patient information to record notes or follow-ups. There are new encryption programs that allow confidential information to be safely texted, but both parties must have it installed on their wireless device, which is typically not the case.

Ignoring these important precautions and practicing outside the law puts your entire organization at risk. There are all kinds of HIPAA violation cases out there - whether they violate the security, administrative or technical safeguards, data breaches often occur within certain parameters, as can be seen from research of the HHS reported breaches affecting individuals or more. I said you cannot make me do that. In… Read More.

How to Avoid Violation of HIPAA Laws

In fact, this happened in when a cardiology nurse unlawfully accessed the medical records of two family members. While it may seem harmless, it is potentially placing patient data in the hands of cyber criminals who could easily access this information. Your IP Address is: