Tested: 4 Apps for the Stat-Geek Cyclist

True to its name, Your Timeline shows a daily record of every place you've been, the time you arrived and departed, as well as the approximate route you took between locations.

Fog of World is 5 bucks, but there's also a free competitor for iOS. For example, the width of Boeing is 72 m. Related 2. Just download the app and you're basically ready.

They do, however, require mounts if you want to watch your stats as you bike. The app will be also helpful in playing golf. It motivates you by telling you a story. All of that information appears on the Your Timeline page on desktop and in the latest version of the Google Maps Android app. And familiarize yourself with the app during a walk or hike in your hometown before using it all day in a strange city.

I did an extensive research to find such an app and majority of what I found were about managing future trips, flights, etc. To measure distance, you should simply touch the screen and draw a route on the map. Cycling apps abound that can measure distance, speed, elevation, and track your route on a map.

I've not used it in a motor vehicle, but I've often used it to track a day's hiking with a view to comparing what I'd travelled with the underlying map, and adding any missing paths to OSM. The monthly subscription is absurdly expensive and we don't recommend it.

Read our community guidelines. How do I ask a question about a specific destination? I'm writing a book about an asteroid that strikes the earth is three places and I was struggling trying to picture what the damage would do to real geography. By Colin on 18th July 30 out of comments shown. Randomly clicking on a day in March showed me I went to a lot of places around Zagreb, Croatia.

Everything is simple and understandable. February 24, That makes it great for those who exercise in multiple ways. They are generally pretty good for basic stats like steps taken, heart rate when applicable , distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned, and others.

Strava is another good app that does a lot of the same stuff as Runkeeper.

Google Maps now lets you retrace all of your past steps

It's unfortunately not shareable as it used to be. Keep track of time to avoid extra fees. With this tool I can realistically describe what happened and where based on blast radius, crater diameter, tsunami targets, everything, Its fantastic.

If this weirds you out and you don't want Google following you, check out CNET's guide to stopping Google Maps from tracking your location. It even includes support for Wear OS.

But now it seems that the app has fallen into disrepair, continually reloading the page rendering it useless. To start tracking, you should tap the Play button, which will make the app run in the background. Yes No Find Location. In this article, we want to share the best apps in this category with our readers. Elon Musk: Now pre-selects text after a search is complete to allow rapid input of multiple locations Updated Quick Find.