How to Drive Stick Shift

Yozora00 Yozora00 Reply 3 years ago. After about K miles and 12 years my '98 Firebird had shifting problems. May Location: No problems shifting into 6th, ever. I bought it about a month ago and they guy before me put a new clutch in. Aug 28, Messages: The hard part of working on the cable is digging under the dash.

May 15, Messages: I think a little bit of wear on the syncro slipping surface and shaft is better then grinding the teeth. I would agree with Ducati in that your clutch is dragging.

New Manual Transmission, 2nd gear cold shifting grind (solution) - Jeep Wrangler Forum

Apr 28, , If you "under rev" the engine the turbo doesn't spin and you will end up changing the turbo and that costs a lot of money -another advice for turbo diesel owners: Then let drain the atf and refill. Ideas Almost all of the u joints that I've had go bad only make noise on initial acceleration, which is what he is doing in first and reverse.

I went with a cheap rebuild on my orig. By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy , and to the use of cookies as described therein. Thanks again Guru9GMPS answered about a year ago. Once in a while the tranny filter gets plugged with debris and they sound like a supercharger or gear drive.

Just an FYI. New User? Did my transmission go out? Aug Location: I have heard that Toyota transmission were designed for GL-4 gear oil and that GL-5 can be too "slick" for the syncros. Apr 29, , I will explain how to drive a manual car. Heater control broken pin fix. Keep the clutch engaged while applying your brakes in order to safely release the emergency brake avoid the car from rolling.

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