Medicinal products are substances that are used to treat diseases, to relieve complaints, or to prevent such diseases or complaints in the first place. View all discussions. Although cannabis falls under a comparatively less serious category of drugs, the law prohibits the growing, sale and distribution of it due to its effect on the brain, particularly regarding addiction.

In , the Bundestag German parliament passed the National Strategy on Drug and Addiction Policy, which based drug policy on prevention, advice, treatment and minimization of harm - signalling a move towards seeing drug addiction as a public health issue.

Little is known about the toxicological and pharmacological effects of those single substances, let alone of interactions in mixtures of such substances.

These provide clean needles, plasters and places to wash one's hands, while staff turn a blind eye to users bringing in drugs. Should cannabis be legalized?

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What really causes drug use and drug addiction? This is the most important task of the pharmacovigilance division. The firm said global trade conflicts, adverse weather conditions and the flagging auto industry were partly to blame. This definition applies regardless of whether the medicinal product is administered to humans or to animals. German word of the day: Follow dwnews on Twitter Whether it be cannabis use or hard drugs, males are much more likely to turn up in official figures than females.

What are the long-term aims of drug policy in Germany? Advertise with us Post a job ad. Therefore, finished medicinal products as defined by the AMG must only be placed on the market if they have been granted a corresponding German or European marketing authorisation , while homoeopathic medicinal products require a German or European registration.

And that is because Germany does not distinguish between money spent on countering the use of legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco, and illegal drugs. You can find more information in our data protection declaration.

Drug laws and drug law offences in Germany

That's why I wrote a list of basic questions: New Relocating to Munich: How many are there and where do they live? The drug is conquering the United States and the legalization campaign is also pulling some big investors into the business, including Coca-Cola. Drug harms What are the main infectious diseases linked to drug injecting in Germany?

Side effects are nausea and panic attacks. In many countries in Latin America, chewing on raw coca leaves is quite common. Related articles 10 ways to optimize your application in the German job market.

Overdosing can happen easily as one seed alone already has a strong effect. Strikes shut down schools and offices across Berlin on Wednesday. More info OK. Germans and drugs: Betmiga returned to Germany two years after being withdrawn, without any new pricing negotiations, whereas Fycompa was reintroduced after four years thanks to new price discussions. But how does the government tackle the use of cocaine, heroin and other banned substances? There are real dangers and real risks, as well as advantages and gifts they give to humanity.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nutmeg in high amounts can act as a drug, since it contains the hallucinogenic compound myristicin.

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Mushrooms are chemical artists - some of them even produce psychoactive substances. In Germany, a slight rise in the level of DLOs has been reported since , including those relating to consumption and possession. But if that's right, then a significant number of people who've had a hip replacement should become heroin addicts. All parts of the plant contain alkaloids - chemical compounds with strong effects on the human body.