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The program schedules may be adjusted in a variety of ways as indicated in the present description.

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This connects to the 24vac power. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This connects the heater control line to the thermostat.

The thermostat will continue working if the batteries die. Option 76 may be selected to be done or the next item 85 may be selected to advance to item 84 , period and day repeat software logic. Also…importantly…there is always an override option to heat up or cool down the house according to your comfort in the moment.

More Print this page Share this page. Most are snap-on types and simply pull off. Like Loading These buttons 15 and 16 may be used to adjust time and temperature setpoints. Aprilaire Electronic Thermostats Models , , , , , Operating Instructions, 8 pages, prior to filed of present application. Related Questions: The legend for this Figure has boxes representing main menus and the italic text representing softkey options.

System is now ready to program remote.

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You should check the contactor or relay that makes the heat kick on. Besides the Heat settings, Cool settings 23 may also be done for each of the four periods 28 , as was done with Heat settings Wireless programming or programmable thermostat mobile unit for multiple separate controller or programmable fixed units and programming transmission method. The thermostat may automatically adjust the settings to maintain the three degree separation i.

A few very important points The amount you save on your bills will relate to how well insulated your house is, how long you can let it be cold, etc.

The rh and w wires should not be on the same screw. The user may select the softkey next option to advance to the next menu item or select the softkey done option to exit the schedule menu.

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To review or repeat the schedule through range 78 and range 92 , option 87 may be selected. Not only are you overheating so you can wear shorts in winter, but the bigger the difference in out- and inside temperature, the more expensive it will be to maintain the temperature. User Interface Digital. Quick Reply.

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Helpful 2. Advertisements When I moved into my house, the previous owners did not leave a manual for the programmable thermostat. Forum 3. Certified U.