Setting up OBS with Twitch

Click the settings icon on the lower right:.

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It is also an open source program, allowing users to make adjustments to the core code if they desire to build upon the program. Click Add and then choose the type of source you want to add.

Raimersoft RarmaRadio. Sony also has a built-in video editor called Share Factory to edit your clips. There you'll see an option to show your Key which we'll plug into OBS:.

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Satellite Antenna Alignment. Smarthome Office Security Linux. Earlier versions had trouble running on Windows XP, but these issues have since been fixed and the software is now fully Windows-compatible. You can build multiple scenes, which is useful if you stream different video games.

Doing so is a simple matter of arranging and docking the various windows in a manner that suits your personal workflow. Scene and source filters include visual effects such as masking, cropping, colour correction and keying, scrolling, sharpening and LUT filter. Go down to 15 later, if you're experiencing issues or your network connection is poor.

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Share This Story. Game streaming High Performance: One of the keys is using software that allows you to send your stream to Twitch. Alternative apps. Step 1: For this tutorial, don't worry about the other settings.

Once this is complete, click the Apply Settings button. Set your output resolution to the same value as your base resolution. By default, OBS captures your desktop audio—everything playing on your PC, including any game sounds—and audio from your microphone. How to book an Uber or Lyft with Google Home: To get started, follow these steps:. We also clicked on the Output mode and selected Advanced.

It allows users to create professional-looking productions with the aid of a straightforward interface and a set of tools that are both accessible and versatile.

You can even set up the Share menu to upload clips directly to YouTube. This captures your entire display, including your Windows desktop and any open windows, and streams it. Window Capture is more stable than Game Capture, and works with all games and windows , but will not capture a game running in full screen mode.