DOE draft study on LNG exports ignores climate, lacks credibility

Los Angeles. Issues for Congress May 13, Energy Markets October 1, LNG is not toxic, and it rapidly evaporates; therefore, long-term environmental impacts from a release are negligible if there is no ignition of natural gas vapors.

This comment period presents an opportunity for interested stakeholders to present their views to the agency. One further modeling change was applied only in export scenario runs using the ACNR case. Although the study reports results for all pairings of export scenarios and baselines, some combinations are inherently less plausible than others. Moreover, the majority of gas used for exports will come from new production, according to both Deloitte and the EIA. Increases in domestic natural gas prices as a result of marginal increases in demand will have a negative impact on the economics of additional export projects, thereby protecting domestic consumers from unlimited exports and price rises.

For example, while NEMS reflects both the positive effects of higher domestic production and the negative effects of higher domestic energy prices on the U. Natural gas supply agreements Terminal service agreements Purchase and sale agreements Liquefaction tolling agreements, liquefaction and regasification tolling capacity agreements, and similar types of agreements Other natural gas export contractual agreements associated with the first sale or transfer of natural gas at the point of export and specify the volume of natural gas under contract.

The USA would forego any economic benefits realized through free trade and its reputation as a supporter of a global market characterized by the free flow of goods and capital would be damaged. Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report: American Gas to the Rescue? Capturing that linkage would require the use of a global economic model that explicitly includes the energy sector. Originally, the requirement was put in place to prevent future LNG facilities in Canada and Mexico to gain an unfair advantage over U.

Liquid Markets: LNG exports would tend to stimulate the economies of countries that import gas, increasing their demand for both domestic goods and services and imports sourced from the United States and elsewhere.

This is a very impressive, in fact unprecedented, safety record for the carriage of liquid hydrocarbons by sea in bulk. In effect, the model was forced to accommodate added LNG exports using a combination of responses other than a reversion to coal-fired generation. Nicolas Maduro closes border with Brazil. Sandra E. Charles K. Comments on the proposed interpretive rule are due January 18, Economic gains, measured as changes in the level of GDP relative to baseline, range from 0.

DoE Drops LNG Final Destination Reporting Requirement

Three issues were raised by the Sierra Club before the Court on appeal. It is predictable that prospective exporters like Cheniere, Dominion Resources, and Sempra Energy all argue that natural gas exports will help, rather than hurt, the US economy. High additional levels of LNG exports are unlikely to occur under baseline conditions associated with high U.

Interested stakeholders should consider engaging in this process by filing comments on the Study.