You provide the scene, we'll provide the sizzle!

Dave, Dave, Dave… You outdid yourself. Thanks for taking time to come to our Islamic Center yesterday and providing such a wonderful balloon twisting experience to so many children. They're ideal for school carnivals, holiday picnics, and back yard barbecues; also for outdoor wedding receptions using balloon bouquets as decorations.

All Rights Reserved. Customers will be charged for broken, damaged and missing items not in use and protected from the weather.

Sonika G. Cheers to you for a Happy NationalMargaritaDay! Login Datas. Recent Articles. Hellium Tank Size K. Welders Supply provides helium in a variety of package sizes so that you can choose the one that is appropriate for your needs. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Come in for a cup of coffee and meet and greet with Mondo today. View as List Grid.

Facebook Twitter Sign Up. These simple and fun water balloon games will keep kids, teens and even the young-at-heart adults entertained for hours. Please make sure that the arrangements for delivery are explicit as there are extra charges if no one is home at the time of delivery or pick up, or for delivery or pick up at other than ground level. Thank you for being part of our weekend!

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Contact us to discuss your specific needs. Customers renting tanks are liable for replacement of lost or damaged pieces, at the following rates…. Tanks may be rented without balloons, in which case a nozzle is included.

Weighs about 30 lbs. Advanced Search Search Tips. Twitter AirheadsBalloon February 22, He has assisted in many large scale balloon events over the years and has his signature balloon tying technique which is so effective and innovated, other balloon decorators use his secrets. Our guests really enjoyed the balloon twister! Please feel free to use me as a reference if you like.

Or you order them online. We do charge for missing, broken or rain damaged parts. Linda J. We can help you with your party needs. Check with the management of hired halls, convention centers, restaurants and parks to make sure they will take care of our equipment for you before we have it delivered there on your behalf or should you have to leave it there.

And our helium tank kit offers a small 8. Has any one got any tips please. Home Rentals Helium Rentals. All rental cylinders are due returned within 30 days. Login or registration. Hellium Tank Size D. Please make arrangements in advance.