A Case for Corrosive Ammo

Just pick up a squirt bottle of window cleaner. Corrosive primers do not equal cheap or poorly made ammo. Perhaps if you could convince all of your friends and relatives to stop buying every box of. You should regard all ex military ammunition as corrosive primed and follow the proper cleaning procedure unless you definitely know otherwise.

While centerfire cartridge cases require a complex and expensive manufacturing process, explosive handling is simplified by avoiding the spinning process required to uniformly distribute priming explosive into the rim because of uncertainty about which angular segment of a rimfire cartridge rim will be struck by the firing pin.

Mercury fulminate slowly decomposed in storage until the remaining energy was insufficient for reliable ignition. Windex, the Corrosive Ammo shooter's best friend. If you clean your guns and don't mind putting a little extra effort into maintenance, corrosive ammunition might be the ticket to more range time. The biggest variable of course is the shooter. Running the part under the faucet is all that is necessary.

You'll wear yourself and your bench out trying to use an inertia puller on crimped bullets and if you come across one of the old explosive projectiles Mostly because metal heated with very hot water dries a bit faster No scrubbing is required. It is best demonstrated with Black Hills A Max, which usually groups three shots into a little over an inch to one half inch with this standard carbine. I have been just cleaning normally with Break-Free, a brush and some patches, it seems OK.

These compositions are actually not corrosive on their own but rather corrosive in that they attract moisture. A centerfire cartridge is a cartridge with a primer located in the center of the cartridge case head. As for reliability, all of the firearms began the test clean and well lubricated.

Corrosive Ammo in AK - Full30

You can buy it in a little blue Morton's container at the grocery store. The bolt, barrel, bore, action, gas cylinder and any muzzle brake or flash suppressor are especially susceptible to corrosion induced by these compositions.

The series and similar stainless used in firearms and knives has less nickel and is corrosion resistant to a point. We thought maybe it was the only formula at the time so it is what they used. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Mother Russia made some 33 million Mosins! I've never heard of this A little potential rusting was an easy tradeoff. I use Friction Defense from Brownells quite a bit.