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But you've said you think black people, on average, are funnier than white people. Chappelle's holding me back. There's Exhibit B. Did the cops pull you over for no reason? One black girl yelled at me in the middle of the joke. Louis CK and I worked on a couple of his first short films — I'm in a couple of those short films.

What Does Neal Brennan Think White People Need To Know About Black People?

Metacritic Reviews. While 20 through 2 are totally negotiable, this is not. Like I said, there are jokes you could do in a black club that destroy, and if you did them in a white club they would literally not know what the hell you're talking about. I guess it's just being observant and then having enough experience with, for lack of a better word, black people. Share this Rating Title: It's definitely, you know, I'm not at full strength talking about it.

That if you-- you know, it gets a little corporate. One of the things that made this actually believable is when the Tupac albums that were released posthumously had eerily contemporary lyrics. Official Sites. Please welcome Dave Chapel [sic]. There are certain lines that I'll cross in my stand-up and I'll get a laugh that's kind of an "eh, that's fucked up" laugh. And also, it's like, hey, white people — can you relate to a black character?

He looked like he saw a ghost.

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Please try again, the name must be unique. And it felt so good, you know? Is it like a "water under the bridge" situation?

Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Alternate Versions. SNL owes exactly nothing to people. Season 2 Episode 8. That's something I think about all the time.

He sees the whole thing as a farce. This segment is actually in two parts, both of which bookend the episode. Racist people, anti-Semites — they already have so much ammunition in their minds!