Building Landscape Steps for Easy Access Outdoors

Retrieved from http: Using pavers and stone together is one example. We don't even require handrails. This is particularly so in a brick path where the bricks are set. Use a sledge-hammer to drive each box horizontally into the ground where you want each step.

Sponsored Stories. These stones steps are more rugged and naturalistic. Here is a beautiful high end patio with sleek and finely carved stone steps.

Accessed 25 February Landscape stairs afford you the ability to express your artistic, creative side. Nice Railings Tom. I recommend making boxes. Some plants love the morning sun but will not tolerate western sun. In such a case, heavy planting of annuals at the entrance, on both sides if the path leads from the sidewalk, and between the sidewalk and the entrance if the path leads from the drive, is a great improvement, and much more effective than a naked path leading to a planting at the front door.

Outdoor Stone Stairs in Vaughan - Landscaping & Landscape Design Contractor Vaughan, ON

Pinterest Facebook Twitter. Use low-voltage night lighting to highlight these items, but also position lights along walkways to make maneuvering after dark easy and safe. These stone steps have a castle-like appeal. Jun 23, Messages: You will feel like royalty traversing these regal steps.

Building Landscape Steps for Easy Access Outdoors

Stone steps can be quite modern as well. De-icing salts are corrosive to any concrete product. If you need privacy, install wooden fencing or large shrubs around the perimeter to create walls. The timbers extend into the hillside, to anchor the staircase to the slope. Website design by Gido Creative. Stone is more durable, as concrete tends to crack unless laid perfectly, and it's available in more shapes and colors than concrete.

Underground lines. Do you need a handrail?

Stone steps look natural with stone patios. All we did was add the handrails. While you might be ready and raring to order up some materials and get right to building your new set of landscape stairs, we have a few bits of advice to start you off:. You will then use a continuous pour for even concrete. Here in Georgia, we have red clay, so this is not an issue. This blends the two kinds of stone into an interesting design.

Keep in mind to impart a slight incline on each step away from the house for correct drainage.

See Reviews. These larger plants will frame up your house and help soften the box-like structure. Backfill each step with stones or dirt and sod to prevent erosion. Francis Vineyard Sawhorse. Because stones can be shaped, there are few limits to what your stone steps can look like.