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Where mechanical cultivation is necessary, it should be shallow and done only as often as required to control weeds.

Remember, okra is slimy and sticky - it is supposed to be that way. Multiple names: Okra pods.

Grow drought-tolerant okra as ornamental plant and for gumbo – Redlands Daily Facts

Roasted okra seeds, which have long been used in Turkey to treat diabetes, have also been studied and proven to have a positive effect on lowering blood sugar.

Roundpodded okra varieties remain tender at larger pod sizes and are good to use for slicing and freezing. Very,very tasty. Fungus had a wide host range and affects beans, tobacco, soybean, pigeon pea and many other crops; disease is primarily spread via microsclerota in the soil.

Find out what Extension has for you! They should snap easily in half.

Companion Planting For Okra

Understanding the food of the people you were enslaving was critical; it ensured they would be well fed on the perilous Middle Passage and when they arrived in the New World. Because okra is quite susceptible to damage by nematodes, employ a program of crop rotation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It works for the bags of frozen sliced okra from the freezer of the grocery store or our home-grown okra.

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Store in a paper bag in the warmest part of refrigerator, as temperatures below 45 degrees can damage okra. A combination of crop rotation and good soil management is important for controlling these diseases.

Powdery mildew on okra. Organic mulches help control weeds and conserve moisture. Check here to sign up for my free recipe newsletter and site updates! Okra with pods. Several okra varieties cultivars are available to home gardeners and differ in plant size and fruit characteristics.

Okra Diseases and Pests, Description, Uses, Propagation

In addition, okra pods are good to eat. The flower petals are generally a pale yellow to white with purple to red ring markings midway down each flower petal. Germination occurs between six days soaked seeds and three weeks. Here we called it Lady fingers, a very good and lady like name!!

Before planting, have the soil tested at the local County Extension office and follow any recommendations. Grime, William E. When preparing, remember that the more it is cut, the slimier it will become. Call Dave at