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Clean Do Fish Fart? Alasdair Wilkins. But hold on. Hiding on a balcony with Martha, the Doctor says they are looking for non-humans — bad news for him, though he is also delighted to see a little shop.

Plus, in the news, the intelligent material that help wounds to heal, scientists get to the bottom of how norovirus makes us il The first use of Martha's theme in the music for the episode is sung by Melanie Pappenheim. Plus, in the news, researchers grow new spinal discs in a dish, we explore the Judoon voice. Wikiquote has quotations related to: What is the brain basis of road rage?

Now, a century on, we're asking why this pandemic packed such a punch, where flu came from in the first place, and how flu vaccines are made. This week, we're investigating the Millennium Prize Problems - a set of mathematical equations that, if solved, will not only nab the lucky winner a million, but also revolutionise the world.

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Use the HTML below. And what's beyond How do animals have sex underwater? What is the evidence for climate change?

In , streaming services made more money than CD sales for the first time ever and that trend is continuing. Would you care about conserving an animal if it threatened your job, your food supply or even your life? The 11th of July was world population day and at current figures there are over 7.

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Series 1: Martha gapes and sputters, then asks him why he didn't just tell her not to go into work when he saw her that morning. Sperm Races and Monkey Business. The soldiers comply and shoot the man with energy weapons that completely incinerate him. What is dj vu?

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This week - we're exploding the science of volcanoes. The Naked Scientists, led by the charismatic Dr. This week on the Naked Scientists, we've gathered the bright and the brainy to answer your science questions, from why ants are stealing your toenail clippings to what's between your internal organs and could you survive being eaten by a snak The Royal Hope Hospital in an unusual storm. Costume Designer Louise Page. This week on the Naked Scientists we're exploring our human story, from the use of tools and fire, to ritualistic behaviour.

Morgenstern refers to a "Saxon" during his radio broadcast, claiming that the events of the episode prove Saxon's theories about alien life correct; in the preceding episode, " The Runaway Bride ", a Mr.

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Are black holes really holes? Mozart or Motown, most of us love music. To celebrate 50 years of the jumbo jet, years of the Royal Air Force and the recent arrival of the brand new F35 fighter jet in the UK, The Naked Scientists are taking a flight through the How scientists are attempting to see a black hole for the first time, what Saturn sounds like, and what will the surface of Mars feel like.

This week, how astronomers are planning to see the beginning of our Universe: In both cases, the Doctor and the companion fall on the console before the Doctor makes his welcome.